Who To Call

To contact the school
831 Erie St., Shreveport, LA 71106
School Office – 318-865-5119
School Fax – 318-861-6264

School wide suggestions, ideas or concerns
Mary Harris, Principal

Concerns related to your child, such as: standardized testing, gateway questions and referrals, counseling, moving, contract renewal, starting middle school, drug education, special education or 504 services.
Melissa Williams, Counselor

Concerns related to curriculum or textbooks
Belinda Scott, Instructional Coordinator

Questions regarding attendance, absences, tardies and homework for an ill child

Tamika Patrick, Attendance/Office Clerk

Money-related questions (T-shirts, yearbooks, pictures, directories, etc.)
Jennifer Burch

Questions regarding the cafeteria and dietary restrictions
Please call 868-6988.

Questions regarding bus transportation

Please call 603-6535.

PTA questions
Please email our current PTA President Amber Ballis:  amberb0227@hotmail.com